Watershed River Runoff and Flood Control


Providing scientific information for quantitative study on preliminary disaster prevention measures in small and medium-sized water systems, which are vulnerable to heavy rains, and river rehabilitation/reservoir design based on runoff/inundation model for 1st class watersheds.
The integrated water cycle model can be expressed realistically by reflecting local precipitation, landforms, land use conditions, and development conditions in the basin, and it can analyze flood runoff and surface flood flow in an integrated way. Therefore, a high degree of reliability is predictable even in small and medium-sized watersheds that have no observation records.

  • Building a model that reflects basin topography, river channels, hydrology, vegetation and land use based on detailed topographic information
  • Prediction of inundation damage area assuming various heavy rain patterns and comparative study of effects of disaster mitigation measures
  • Inland water inundation area at high tide in coastal area and examination of countermeasures
  • Provision of information such as hazard maps and dynamic visualization
  • Provision of watershed monitoring model using real-time rainfall information

Flood inundation flow simulation using actual rainfall data


Example of runoff inundation model in small and medium water system

The extreme heavy rains that hit northern Kyushu in July 2017 (over 120 mm of hourly rainfall and 800 mm of short-term cumulative rainfall) caused damage to the small and medium water systems in the northern part of the Chikugo River. Specifically, the Akaya River suffered a great amount of flood damage due to a flood flow including sediment and fallen trees due to slope failures. The figure shown here shows the shape of the runoff / flood model that reflects the topography of the Akaya River basin and an example of the calculation of runoff / flooding during an assumed heavy rain.

Bird’s Eye View of Akaya River 3D Model

Runoff and inundation in the basin during 100 mm/hour of expected heavy rainfall

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