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Since our company was founded in 2000, we have been blessed with encountering customers and have been able to hone our unique modeling and computing technology while experiencing a wide variety of fields related to water problems.

The water problems we face can be very complex as they are categorized by resources, disasters, environment, etc. and are multifaceted and interrelated. Furthermore, in recent years, the time has come for the warning bell to sound that the changes in the environment are entering an irreversible era, as typified by the words “Anthoropocene” and “Hothouse Earth.” The problem can become more complex.

In order to take appropriate measures against water problems, we think it is important to understand the actual condition of the water cycle according to each scale. To that end, we regard the data accumulated so far as assets, acquire knowledge and wisdom from them, create another world with computer models that use them as much as possible, and simulate it further on-site. We believe that it will be helpful for an accurate understanding that we can keep going back and forth between the actual and the model, such as checking and new monitoring, and feeding them back to the computer model. In addition, we hope that this approach will be accelerated by using sensing data that will explode in the near future.

With the aim of delivering all kinds of information about the water cycle when it is needed, we will contribute to the safety, security, and prosperity of society, and strive to provide more services than our customers desire.

November 2018
Yasuhiro Tawara

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