Requirement (mid-Career)

Type of occupation

Technical staff (ex. programmer, Expart in simulation)

Contents of work

・Water circulation and infiltration flow analysis using a computer system

・Collection, organization and analysis of relevant information

・Extraction of useful information from analysis results

・Consulting on hydrological environment, river management, groundwater resources, heavy rainfall hazards, and interaction between civil engineering and building structures and water

・Development and improvement of software (GETFLOWS)

・License sales and analysis support

・Research and development on the water cycle, and development and provision of content

・Transfer and dissemination of related technologies overseas


NCO Kanda Awajicho Building 3F, 2-1 Kanda Awajicho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0063


We will decide based on your age and experience.We will decide based on your age and experience.

Working hours

9 : 30 – 17 : 45 ( five-day week )

Application methods

Please contact us through the contact form on this website.


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Mon.-Fri. 10 am to 6 pm JST. Sat., Sun. and holidays are closed.

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