It is a standard simulator that can perform water and air (two-phase flow) analysis, which is the basic function of GETFLOWS. It is applicable to water resources, water disasters, and water environment problems that do not include pollution, heat, or sediment. Examples include watershed water resource analysis (surface water, groundwater, integrated analysis), river runoff/inundation analysis, landslides, slope stability, environmental changes due to tunnel excavation, and flow condition obstruction due to construction of underground structures. You can set rainfall, evapotranspiration, well operation, physical property change, etc.


GETFLOWS Extention

(3-Phase Flow)

In addition to all the functions of the GETFLOWS basic package, it is possible to consider the behavior, volatilization and dissolution of non-aqueous phase fluids such as hydrocarbons and organic solvents. Suitable for predicting the future water environment in the field of groundwater and soil pollution.

(Heat Transport)

In addition to all functions of GETFLOWS basic package, coupled analysis with thermal energy transport by fluid phase and rock solid phase is possible. It can be applied to ecosystem impact assessment and geothermal/geothermal utilization fields.

(Reactive solute Transport)

In addition to all the functions of the GETFLOWS basic package, it is possible to handle the movement (advection, dispersion/diffusion, adsorption/desorption, etc.) of water-soluble substances contained in the aqueous phase. It can be applied to fresh salt density flow analysis and advection dispersion analysis.

(Sediment Transport)

In addition to all the functions of the GETFLOWS basic package, it can handle the transport of bed load and suspended sand by surface currents and rivers. It is possible to analyze the topographic changes due to suspended sand and bed load and the flow field in combination.

(High Performance Computing)

This is a version that supports parallel computing using a PC cluster for the GETFLOWS series. By connecting several to several hundred PCs via a high-speed network such as Gigabit Ethernet, it is possible to carry out large-scale, long-term analysis that one PC cannot analyze.

The GETFLOWS extension cannot be used alone. We assume that you use it in combination with the basic package.


We have developed a data converter to read the output data of GETFLOWS into GIS and graphic software. The software is available for TECPLOT360, MicroAVS, Paraview, ArcGIS and MapInfo.

3D visualization software

Tecplot 360 data convertor

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MicroAVS data convertor

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Geographic Information System

You can create thematic maps of surface water distribution, groundwater level, spring and infiltration area, and streamline tracking. Click here for example.


Surface water distribution
Groundwater level
Spring and infiltration area
Streamline tracking

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