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Geosphere Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a highly reliable scientific solution and consulting service that combines information, know-how, and analysis technology, focusing on water issues in the geosphere (living area centered on land). We provide workshops, licenses, and content.
Recognizing that it is a social responsibility and essential to protect the security of information assets and to ensure the safety of customers, related companies, and cooperating companies in continuing this business. We have established the “Information Security Basic Policy” and declared our basic efforts concerning information security, and officers, employees and employees of cooperating companies will promote continuous information security measures.

1. We will give top priority to the prevention of accidents such as loss, theft, unauthorized use, falsification and leakage of information assets entrusted to us by our customers, fulfill our corporate social responsibility, and realize continuous customer service. I will aim.

2. We will make maximum use of the information assets we own, and implement appropriate security measures according to their importance.

3. The scope of application of this basic policy is the information assets handled by the Company and the equipment for protecting the information assets, as well as the officers, employees and employees of cooperating companies who belong to the Company.

4. In order to establish and maintain an information security management system continuously, we will establish an organization and system, regularly review and make continuous improvements.

5. We will clarify the management method of information assets to be protected, analyze it from the viewpoint of threats and vulnerabilities, and evaluate the risk to them. We will prioritize countermeasures for risks that affect the most important information found in the results of risk assessment.

6. In order to protect the information assets entrusted to us by our customers and our information assets from threats, we will strive to review and improve this basic policy and related rules in consideration of technological progress and changes in the business environment.

7. We will provide appropriate education to officers, employees and employees of partner companies, and comply with laws and regulations related to information security, contractual obligations, and social norms.

Date of establishment April 1, 2008
Date of revision July 1, 2014
Date of revision April 30, 2015
Date of revision April 15, 2019
Geosphere Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Yasuhiro Tawara


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