Water Circulation Modeling

Specialty of Natural Water Circulation System

The natural water circulation system is highly dynamic and contains lots of uncertainties which are usually beyond the general human imagination. As an example, the subsurface fluid flow consists of both air and water although most of the times we neglect the air and its effect during generalized groundwater simulation tasks. With the advancement of the technology more and more subsurface geological information is also being exposed. Moreover the human impact to the nature should be considered and integrated. At this end, developing a computer model for the natural water circulation system should be carried out gradually step by step while continuous gathering of information and experience.Generalization of hydro-geological parameters and assumptions for the natural systems are much common in the field of numerical modeling at present also. Such generalizations and assumptions can produce reasonable results if those generalizations and assumptions are done with care and high level of expertise. Despite that such a model approach is always tangled with erroneous results and misleading outcomes. Therefore our motive is to avoid such complications as much as possible to bring the numerical model more coherent with the natural system. Such a model with profound features cannot be developed within a short period of time. It needs time, reliable information and expertise. However the importance of such a model which can generate reliable up to date information for the water circulation system is myriad.

Integrated Water Circulation Simlation System “GETFLOWS”

Integrated Water Circulation Simulation System GETFLOWSGETFLOWS, the Integrated Water Circulation Simulation System, enables coupled analysis of surface and subsurface water flow which had been difficult in conventional simulators. It also includes the world’s leading-edge technology for seamless calculation of simultaneous water flow in different environments such as surface and subsurface. GETFLOWS is one of the exceptional technologies to simulate water circulation as natural as possible. Since the establishment of the company in 2000, Geosphere Environmental Technology Corporation has been gathering knowledge and experiences to enhance the applicability of GETFLOWS for various water related issues, such as tunnel excavations and impact assessment for water environment due to anthropologic activities and nuclear waste disposal site implementations.

Encouragement of Reusable Simulation Model

The water circulation simulation models are mostly prepared by different research organizations and companies for their target areas at different time periods under different scales. Although there are no borders in natural water circulation, the valuable field information and built numerical models have been separately managed by different organizations and often never integrated.Usual practice is to collect land use data, past metrological data and hydro-geological data, etc., prior to the model development and then start to construct conceptual and numerical model for a particular area. However, this method is costly and time consuming task. Everybody knows that the primary objectives of computer simulation are to understand the system behavior and to predict the futures. Constructing the numerical models and computing it doesn’t become any objective. We need to spend enough time for the discussion of the simulated results, and synthesizing it with the other available information to interpret what happen in the natural system. Therefore we would like to suggest a strategy to implement a system to reuse the available regional or local scale developed models and their results as a primary base for a new model. In this way much time and labor can be saved. Therefore more effort and time can be reserved for interpretations and predictions. However in this type of strategy, the legal aspects of sharing information have to be considered.

Building a National Scale Model

Building National Standard Model on PC width=Our expectation in computer modeling is to reveal complex natural water circulation systems, which are beyond our imagination and fully understanding, by reproducing them in our HPC (High Performance Computing) platform. It will lead us to a better understanding of the current situation and to give predictions for future human activities and other factors of environmental changes.To build a natural water circulation system in HPC platform, tremendous volume of data and calculation time are needed. Completion of the total steps of simulation process includes data preparation, model construction, and numerical calculation. This consumes a lot of time and thus it is not practical to respond an urgent problem. Therefore, we have worked on the drastic change in such simulation process structure in which use less time for data and simulation model preparation and spend more time for trial and error runs and case studies. In other words, we have set a goal toIn other words, we have set a goal to build national scale model for the world and provide software service that anybody can access to data whenever they need and run their models.

Developing Information Services to Support Decision Maker

At present we can easily find global information from the internet and we can analyze massive data sets freely using leading edge Information Technology. However, so far we have utilized only a small part of such new information. Therefore it is very much essential to implement a strategy to utilize the enormously available information in the process of decision making.

Quick Response to World Water Problems

Geosphere Environmental Technology Corporation aims to open water circulation models to the public through the web and to provide water related information services to entire world. Such information will assist effectively and promptly to understand and counteract the severe water related issues in the 21st century.