Required Input Data

The following table lists the required data for the simulation by GETFLOWS. This includes not only the input data also observed data for the verification of the computed results. The required data varies with the simulation types.

Data Type Input Data List
Meteorology Rainfall, Snowfall, Atmospheric pressure, Temperature, Daylight duration, Evapotranspiration rate, Tides
Hydrology River flow rate, Groundwater level, Spring, Salinity concentration, Dissolved material concentration, Water temperature
Topography Land topography, Ocean bathymetry, River bed relief, Lake depth, Dam lake depth
Land Use Land use, Roughness coefficient, Vegetation
Geology Surface soil, Geology, Absolute permeability, Effective porosity, Relative permeability, Capillary pressure, Compressibility, Density, Dispersion length, Tortuosity, Thermal conductivity, Specific heat capacity
Sediment Grain size / mixing ratio, Density of soil particles, Bed load and suspended load transport parameter, Turbulent diffusion coefficient, Maximum thickness of sediment exchange layer
Water Usage Pumping well (Radius / Screen depth), Agricultural water, Surface Water・Driving channel, Water intake, Water discharge from dams
Man-made Structures Dam/weir, Sewage-treatment area, Water quantity, Pump station, Rain water reservoir and osmosis facility, Underground facility
Fluid Property Viscosity, Compressibility, Thermal conductivity, Specific heat capacity
Chemical Property Molecular diffusion coefficient, Half-life of radionuclides, Solubility, Absorption parameter (Distribution coefficient), Parameter for mass transfer between phases, (Mass transfer coefficient, contact area, etc.), Saturated vapor pressure, Henry’s constant, Molecular weight

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