Seawater-Freshwater Interaction

GETFLOWS is able to simulate density dependent flow process which usually occurs in the coastal subsurface.GETFLOWS modeling approach for the seamless seawater-freshwater interaction consists of a discretized grid block system with the incorporated features of both land and sea. The interaction between the seawater and freshwater is simulated by the concept of density dependent flow with the fully coupled surface and subsurface flow. This feature allows simulating not only the seawater and freshwater interaction but also the tidal effect simultaneously. Due to the capability of simulating the spatial and temporal fluctuation of the sea level GETFLOWS is considered as a state of the art technology to simulate the future sea level rise and climate change scenarios and their effects to costal freshwater resources. As far as the applicability of GETFLOWS to predict the seawater intrusion which is caused by the depletion of groundwater potential is remarkable in the case of sustainable development of groundwater in coastal areas. Moreover, GETFLOWS can be utilized as a management tool to design and optimize the installation of the groundwater pumping projects and their operational plans to achieve sustainable coastal groundwater exploitation.Available output results from a seawater-freshwater interaction simulation by GETFLOWS are salinity concentration, saturation of water and gas phases, Fluid pressures at each phases, hydraulic potential, water depths/levels, fluid velocities at each phase, etc.

An example of the 3D interfaces of seawater and freshwater

An example of the 3D interfaces of seawater and freshwater which is reproduced as the equilibrium state.

Various Applications of GETFLOWS

  • Water resources development in coastal area and small islands(freshwater lens formation)
  • Impact estimation of sea level fluctuation on surface and subsurface fluids coupled flow in coastal area
  • Environmental impact assessment for the coastal groundwater due to the construction of underground dams

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