Multiphase Fluid-Flow

Diesel oil leakage from an underground storage tank

Diesel oil leakage from underground storage tanks. For the remediation design, the contaminated area by the diesel oil expansion on groundwater table and water dissolved oil were carefully predicted after the accident.

GETFLOWS can simulate multi-phase and multi-component fluid-flow comprised of water, gas and NAPL (Non Aqueous Phase Liquid) in surface and subsurface environment. Various types of organic solvents or hydrocarbons can be modeled in there, and the specific fluid properties such as density and viscosity are assigned to the NAPL phase.For the mobility representation of fluid phases in porous material, many well-known relative permeability and capillary pressure models can be used to simulate the displacement of them. Moreover the mass transfer phenomena between phases such as gas dissolution to aqueous or water vaporization to gases, the advection-dispersion transport behavior of them (dissolved gas, water vapor, etc.) can be traced simultaneously.Output results which can be obtained from the simulation are concentration of contaminated material in water and gas phases, saturation of water, gas and NAPL phases, fluids pressure, hydraulic potential, water depth/level, flow velocity of each fluid phase, etc.

Dense-NAPL (DNAPL) infiltration into the subsurface

Dense-NAPL (DNAPL) infiltration into the subsurface. The DNAPL phase reaches groundwater table after the interception by impermeable layers and goes down up to the bottom due to the density difference.

Various Applications of GETFLOWS

  • Remediation design of groundwater and soil contamination (pumping, protection by barrier wells or impermeable wall, air sparging, soil vapor extraction, bioremediation, etc)
  • Risk assessment of leakage of hazardous material around rivers and aquatic environments

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