Surface water flows in the case of heavy rains and dike break can be simulated. GETFLOWS succeeded in robust and fast tracking of general water movement under various rain patterns and dike break conditions. It is achieved through analyzing surface water flow employing diffusion wave approximation. Predicting inundated area and flow rate will be a powerful tool to support drainage designing, evacuation planning, etc.Moreover, since GETFLOWS simulates fully coupled groundwater and surface water flow phenomena, rapid increase of groundwater levels due to heavy rains and inland inundation can be simulated. Inundated area and the amount of flooded water can be predicted. Water quantity, pressure, potential, water depth, groundwater levels and water flow velocities are the numerical results which GETFLOWS can produce from the calculation.

Case study of flooding simulation

Case study of flooding simulation by recorded heavy rainfall. The spatially-distributed rainfall pattern, land use and buildings in urban area can be incorporated into grid blocks.

Example of flooding simulation in urban area by river dike break

Example of flooding simulation in urban area by river dike break. These are used for the design of flood control system and the development of evacuation guidelines.

Various Applications of GETFLOWS

  • Predicting flooding and inundation area by heavy rainfall or river dike break
  • Predicting flood damaged area in low flat agricultural lands
  • Designing of drainage systems to counteract flooding
  • High tidal effects in coastal areas and inland tidal flooding, water hazards due to flooding etc.

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