GETFLOWS Standard Package

  • Standard version of GETFLOWS simulator for 2-phase flow (air/water) analysis.
  • Through its surface-subsurface coupled analysis capability, GETFLOWS -Standard is applicable to impact assessment of tunnel excavation, effect of underground construction to the subsurface flow, river water drying out during a drought, etc.
  • Input data includes precipitation, evapotranspiration, well operation, material property changes, etc.

Examples: Air-water 2-phase fluid flow, Gas Migration, Flooding

GETFLOWS Extension*)

(Multi-Phase Flow)
  • In addition to the all functions of GETFLOWS-Standard, the movement of non-aqueous phase liquids (such as hydrocarbon and organic solvent etc) and their hydraulic processes (volatilization and dissolution) of can be simulated.
  • Suitable for future prediction of water environment in groundwater/soil contamination field.
(Heat Transport)
  • In addition to the functions of GETFLOWS-Standard, coupled analysis of heat transport in liquid and solid phase is computable in GETFLOWS-HT.
  • Applicable to ecosystem impact assessment, geothermal energy utilization analysis, etc.

Example: Non-Isothermal Fluid-Flow

(Reactive solute Transport)
  • In addition to the functions of GETFLOWS-Standard, the advective and dispersive solute transport in the liquid phase can be modeled in GETFLOWS-RT.
  • Applicable to seawater-freshwater interaction analysis and Advection/dispersion flow analysis

Examples: Reactive Transport, Seawater-Freshwater Interaction

(Sediment Transport)
  • In addition to the all functions of GETFLOWS-Standard, sediment transport including bed load and suspended load can be simulated.
  • Landform change caused by sediment transport of bed load, suspended load and fluid flow can be analyzed simultaneously.

Example: Sediment Transport

(High Performance Computing)
  • For the GETFLOWS series, GETFLOWS-HPC enables parallel computing by PC clusters.
  • GETFLOWS-HPC allows to compute extensive and long term analysis by connecting a few to several hundreds of PCs through high speed network such as Gigabit Ethernet.

*) GETFLOWS-Extensions can only be available in combination with a GETFLOWS-Standard package.


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