GETFLOWS is a general-purpose terrestrial fluid-flow simulator which has been developed with the aim of comprehensive fluid flow modeling. Its practical use for qualitative and quantitative assessments of water related problems is multiple.The fluid dynamics in GETFLOWS is based on the generalized Darcy’s law for multi-phase and multi-component fluid-flow system. One of the characteristic features of GETFLOWS is to compute surface and subsurface coupled fluid-flows including contaminant and heat transport. Various types of interactions between surface water and groundwater, water and air, freshwater and saltwater can be fully calculated by GETFLOWS.These features allow GETFLOWS simulator to be applied in many kinds of actual field situations which become obvious the interaction between surface and subsurface environment. Evaluating the impact of tunnel excavation on the surface/subsurface water environment, and the long-term fluctuation of available groundwater resources caused by urbanization or climate changes are two typical applications of GETFLOWS.


  • Three dimensional corner-pointed finite difference simulator
  • Isothermal, non-isothermal multi-phase and multi-component fluid flow (water, gas, miscible and immiscible liquid etc.)
  • Fully-coupled surface water and subsurface fluid
  • Distributed, dynamic land surface conditions(land use, air temperature, precipitation, water body, man-made structures)
  • Directional permeability (heterogeneity)
  • Stress-dependent soil/rock properties
  • Upstream weighted fully-implicit Newton-Raphson scheme with Successive Locking Process(SLP) for the strong nonlinearity of fluids
  • Fast and robust matrix solver by preconditioned conjugate residual (PCR) algorithm
  • Domain decomposition on parallel computers
Conceptual Model of Hydrological Processes in GETFLOWS

Conceptual Model of Hydrological Processes in GETFLOWS

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