Privacy Policy

Geosphere Technologies Corp is established upon the code of conducts where high levels of professional ethics are practiced to maintain trustworthy business relationships with our valued clients. Personal and valued project information/data are handled in a manner where privacy and copy rights are always protected. We believe the information we receive from your business partners are critical assets which can be used to create new findings for them and for whole society. Following is our privacy policy which we have adopted to handle personal information.

1. Privacy

  1. We comply with relevant laws, regulations and other privacy laws.
  2. The Company establishes an information management protocol to maintain a high level of security for the information we received from our clients in regular basis.
  3. We use the information which we receive from our clients within the scope of designated project without violating the rules and regulations. Without a valid reason and client’s permission we do not disclose personal information to any third party.
  4. We maintain a up to date, accurate data base where we store all our valued information which we have gathered from various sources. It is protected from unauthorized access, destruction and efforts to tampering or leakage.
  5. When we receive an inquiries regarding personal information from a third party we act promptly to respond such an inquiry without violation rules and regulations.

May 15th, 2007
(The date of date of enactment)

Geosphere Environmental Technology Corporation

2. Personal Information Administration

1.Purpose of using personal information

Followings are the occasions where we use personal information

  • Business services
  • Presentations at seminars, conferences and workshops
  • Upload to our company home page

2. Personal information management

We protect personal information with a high level of security preventing them from destruction or loss. However, if the owner discloses his personal information without our involvement, in such a situation we do not bear the responsibility. It is beyond our control and scope.

3. Provision of personal information

Except as follows, we will not provide personal information to anyone.

  • Approval from the information possessor is obtained
  • If it is requested by the law
  • If a client wants to disclose personal information to a subcontractor. In such a situation please refer “Deposit of personal information” for more explanation.

4. Deposit of personal information

In our business operations sometimes we have to ask services from subcontractors to provide a better service to our clients. If we need to disclose the personal information to the subcontractors, we meticulously select them on condition that they warrant that they handle the personal information properly with confidence. At the contract with the subcontractors we make the memorandum in which they shall control the personal information properly with the articles relevant to the proper treatment of personal information and maintenance of confidentiality.

5. Disclosure of personal information and correction

If a client requests to disclose his personal information, we will open his personal information to relevant parties without any delay. Also if there are any amendments for the personal information by the ownership, we will update them accordingly.