Our Policy

The earth is often called as “the planet of water” and its climate is maintained by the water circulation in its atmosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere. All most all the living beings have to rely on this water circulation system to live on the Earth.

Water usage, which is indispensable to human activities, does not simply mean consuming water. Rather it means using water, and at the same time, draining the used or contaminated water. This process resembles the functions inside living beings; to take water into their bodies, to use the water for metabolism, and to drain out the water from their bodies as waste materials. In this way, water circulation functions as a life-support system of the Earth in macro to micro scale.

Therefore, to take the advantage of the global water cycle in an appropriate way, as humans we should set up our mission to utilize the water cycle in a sustainable way, not only focusing our future generations but also considering the entire living beings of the Earth.

Geosphere Environmental Technology Corporation views water resources’ problems in the 21st century from various perspectives in order to achieve the goal of “maintaining a healthy water circulation in a basin”. Moreover, we aim to create a sustainable water circulation system that considers human-water relationships and water based cultural functions under the following viewpoints:

  1. Develop a recycling-oriented society that handles water with care
  2. Secure sufficient quantity of water and improve water quality
  3. Live in harmony with the natural environment
  4. Cooperation between the government and local communities to enhance the understanding of nature

We contribute to the society with our specialized knowledge in the natural water circulation system for a harmonic future with the Nature.

President Hiroyuki TOSAKA
Geosphere Environmental Technology Corporation

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