Geosphere Environmental Technology Corporation (GET) offers realistic and accurate fluids flow modeling services using an integrated water environment simulator GETFLOWS (General purpose Terrestrial fluid-FLOW Simulation system).Original version of GETFLOWS simulator was developed by Dr. H.Tosaka who is a professor of the University of Tokyo. GET corporation was established in 2000 and GETFLOWS simulator and the associated technologies were transferred from the University of Tokyo. We have responsibilities to carry out research and development programs for GETFLOWS simulator. Since 2000, many extensions & quality improvements of GETFLOWS have been continued and GETFLOWS has been applied to more than 500 projects in Japan and overseas so far.

Water Circulation Model

Modeling and Simulations

For mathematical modeling and numerical simulations of diverse geospherical fluid phenomena (e.g. water resources, soil/groundwater contamination, water pollution, water induced disaster, etc.), we provide the comprehensive computing services from the initial planning to the implementations and documentations. And we carry out numerical simulations appropriately and support decision making processes to address the relevant water related issue through our numerical results and expertise. The simulation results can be processed into visual formats, such as 3D animations and GIS thematic maps.We have wide experiences on the other environmental software applications for surface water flow, subsurface fluid flow, geochemical and soil/rock mechanics (e.g. TOUGH2, MODFLOW, MT3DMS, iTOUGH, UCODE, PEST, PHREEQC, ADCIRC, ABAQUS, etc).

Research and Development

We collaborate with the governmental organizations, universities and private companies in various environmental fields for the innovative and advanced terrestrial flow modeling and computing.

Software Development for Environmental Assessments

Based on our specialized skills and experiences which have been accumulated through the development of GETFLOWS, we support to develop a new software or database for the water environment assessments.

Healthy, Safety and Environment Assessment

We incorporate your projects, business scenarios, and countermeasure projects into the regional water circulation system and the water environment which is reproduced by a numerical simulation. Then we predict and assess their impacts to the natural environment. Appropriateness of the projects is verified through numerical results integrated with our expertise.

License Agreement

We establish license agreements for GETFLOWS and provide installation support also. For academic applications such as in educational or research institutions we provide academic licenses under special category.

Technical Support and Training

We fully support GETFLOWS users who need assistance to handle the “GETFLOWS” in the situations like input data preparation, compiling and numerical result preparation etc. Training / user supporting lectures about model construction and other various analyses are also able to offer at customers’ request. Please contact us for more information.


High quality visualization of the simulated results helps us to interpret the feature of the fluids system. We produce various types of graphics and animations by using well-known GIS, CAD and 3D visualization software. Those can be often used as materials for training, e-learning, and so on.